how good is instagram???!!

Ok so im OFFICIALLY addicted to an app on iphone,how do i no this?Because i upload everyday and cannot wait for people to like my photos,ive had some great feedback and it just gives me a buzz.Also if you havent got the hipstamatic app get all over it its also amazing and i think the best film and lens is salvador as its long exposure…hence my love of it=blurry photos =happy Jenn ;).A lot of these photos are on my Flickr so check them out if you get a min!!!!!

Hooray!!ive unlocked the key to the fear and yes started my canvassses again :),this time there is NO time limit on them and i do them when i please….in fact i actually started this one im curently working on 2 years ago!!but ive just started adding to it again,my collages with paint take time and collection so i dont care how long it will take il just no when it finished.Plus you get to see how your canvas developed over time.

If your on Instagram find me Jennb20 if your on Flickr/polkadotflowers

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