The exhibition of 2010 that inspired me the most

Not heard of  Rapheal Lazano-Hemmer?
Well thats your bad and if you live anywhere get down to the Manchester Art Gallery by the 30TH of January or you will miss out!This exibition was interesting thought provoking and best of all interactive!You became part of the art work and i loved this idea.
So much so ive been around 5 times already and will go again before it ends.
The best part?Theres a room painted black with old fashioned light bulbs placed in rows on the ceiling,
in the corner there is a machine which records your heart rate and turns that into the rythym of the bulbs light emmiting from it.The whole room is then pulsing with the heart rate of all the people who have been there previous.It wouldnt work withouyt them.Such a simple idea turned into this Art piece.I love it.It also is darker or lighter dependant on how strong you heart rate is,safe to say mine was very bright as id just walked quite fast to get to the exhibtion!!
There are other parts to the exhibition which are intersting you should take a visit but the light bulbs was the idea that really captured me…..Beautiful.

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