Constellations @ corner house

Exhibition Constellations
Constellations presents a series of artworks that reflect impermanence, ephemerality and movement. At the core of the exhibition is the idea of a constellation not as something fixed, but an organic, evolving grouping with chaos and chance at its core.
Each of the four artists featured in Constellations are interested in notions of fluidity and flux, with many of the works changing and evolving over time to create an exhibition that is different on each occasion it is seen. Together the works form a collection of ideas, which circulate and flow within an overall constellation.
Highlights of the exhibition include: Kitty Kraus’s Untitled, a hauntingly beautiful work in which ice coloured black with ink melts on the gallery floor leaving behind pools of murky liquid that spread in strangely beautiful patterns around which viewers must make their way; and the first UK showing of Katie Paterson’s 100 Billion Suns, a confetti cannon which will be fired once daily (at 19:00 Tue – Fri & 14:00 on at weekends) blasting out 3216 pieces of paper, the colours of which correspond to Gamma Ray bursts – the brightest explosions in the universe.
Exhibition supported by The Japan Foundation, Mathmos and Becks.
Artists: Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Katie Paterson, Kitty Kraus, Takahiro Iwasaki
Curators: Karen Gaskill, Michelle Kasprzak
fri 24th june 6pm to 9pm and its EREE
Join us for the launch and opening night at which Untitled by Kitty Kraus, a block of ice and black ink containing over six litres of suspended fluid with a light bulb at the core, will be left to melt and pool unchallenged across the gallery floor. We’ll start the evening at 6pm in the foyer with the first firing of Katie Paterson’s 100 Billion Suns, a confetti cannon blasting out 3,216 pieces of paper, the colours of which correspond to Gamma Ray bursts – the brightest explosions in the universe. A second firing will take place at 7.30pm in Gallery 3.
Then maybe attend this?…


Sat 25th june 12 til 2pm
Attend a free guided tour by Constellations curators Karen Gaskill and Michelle Kasprzak followed by an informal discussion with Daniel Herrmann, Curator and Head of MA Curatorial Studies at Whitechapel Gallery, London. This is an opportunity to explore the concepts behind the exhibition, ask questions and discuss issues raised.
Magda Archer:Crazy mad
Also this is worth attending on the Sun 26th when it starts!
Crazy Mad is a solo painting show by British artist Magda Archer, presenting a cross section of works made from her home studio over the last decade. Inspired by her vast collection of paraphernalia from the 1950s onwards – sweet jars, biscuit tins, toys and other ephemera – her playful yet dark paintings straddle a surreal-pop kitsch sensibility.
For Crazy Mad, alongside her paintings, Archer will install a replica of her studio with all the trimmings, which she describes as ‘a beautiful cosy grotto’. Whilst working alongside her collections of objects, Archer listens to a vast range of music that often seeps into her paintings. And so a specially selected soundtrack will feature her favourite tunes to date in the replica space.
Archer’s method of painting is painstaking – as she says: “I like to concentrate so hard my eyes are watering”. Amongst the acidic sugar coated colour palette of Archer’s paintings there are often distinctive typefaces, reminiscent of sweet wrappers, comics, annuals and B movie posters.
At Cornerhouse, visitors will navigate through Archer’s replica studio to enter the gallery where clusters of her works will be grouped as ‘So many people love you baby’, ‘I don’t like Art-I Love it’, ‘Furry Friends’ ‘Strange Kids’ and ‘ Come to me my Melancholy Baby’. The paintings will be illuminated by an eclectic selection of domestic lamps and lights. Archer’s show will echo a kleptomaniac searching for escapism from the mundane landscape of domesticity through the act of painting and collecting.
Magda Archer trained at Ravensbourne College of Art, Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art before embarking on a series of group exhibitions. In 1996 she produced artwork for The Beatles Anthology in partnership with Peter Quinnell. Since then she was the co-writer and illustrator of the Harry Hill Fun Book. Some of the artwork produced for the fun book appeared in Peter Blake; About Collage at the Liverpool Tate in 2000. She participated in the group shows Kiss of a Lifetime at Vane, Newcastle in 2009 and in London Calling at Idea Generation Gallery, London in 2010. She has written and illustrated a children’s book, Watch Out Arthur! and most recently a book where art meets comedy, What the Stars Buy!

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