Maria Colom

I found this artist and love the aspect of play,detail and use of colour and texture in her works.
The Society of Spectacle
Maria Colom’s work explores art as a social experience. She focusses her practice in themes of the human condition including emotions such as happiness, sadness or hope. She also explores ideas of failure and success and social isolation or integration.
She is interested in exploring how the feeling of the collective can be transferred to the viewer. In her practise, the viewer becomes the protagonist of the work. She communicates empathy to the viewer via an emotional use of colour and a gestural mark-making to achieve an aesthetic experience. She creates psychological rhythms with her characters that become a catalysis of energy that makes the viewer look, get a feeling and then move on.
This is my favourite
Installation :The buckets
Seabed Turquoise:2
Seabed Turquoise:3

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