Me+Olympus in B&W

So I have been super excited to try out black and white film (400 Iso super C41)and couldn’t think of anywhere better for the first shoot then an abandoned church which I had to climb over and basically break in…but worth it!

I just love the detail that black and white captures and neutralises.

I’ve just started another roll in the Olympus ,I need to get better quickly!This one is going to be shot then re wound and shot over again. As my favourite photo from this whole black and white bunch is the one with half light,I love a destroyed image!It now just finding the art and skill of a destroyed image.

Now I need more followers on tumblr so if you would so kindly…
I put different things on the Tumblr than this blog if your wondering,I feel my Tumblr is more of a visual diary..

If you like looking at my work here i think you will very much like my Tumblr…

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