Diana Workshop results

This was my very first time shooting 120 film in my Diana F+ at the workshop at the Lomography store in Manchester (20 Oldham street).My biggest fear was uploading the film and how all the shutters work/settings etc.Luckily everything was explained thoroughly and easily by David the shop manager and off I went to shoot my 12 images that I am totally in love with!But this is just me,I get easily encapsulated by film and I like the fact I had to wait for these to be developed.The excitement when they arrive!!They are sent to a lab in London to be processed and not your average run of the mill processing to,these lab people care!

Another Diana F+ workshop is coming up soon if your interested in trying it out?
February 19TH @2pm it costs £10 includes free film just make sure you bob on down and pay for it first.Go on the Lomography Manchester Facebook page for more info :

I have recently set up my profile page on the Lomography community ,add me/check out my photos POLKADOTFLOWERS if you like?

There are other workshops and photo walks happening all the time at the shop,lets just say they better get used to my face,I want to use all the cameras and films!
I love film so much and want to learn everything I can about it. 

At the moment there is a 3 for 2 offer on film so get down to the shop this week!
Here are my images:

I think they correlate well as a set,I like how somehow out of a 12 image roll I have 14 images?Being restricted like this for me is a challenge,it hones my skills in actually caring about the shots I take rather than firing away and picking afterwards.
My latest film in the Diana is Black and white which I took to the Whitworth Art gallery when it snowed,super super excited how this will turn out! I’m sure I will share the results soon.

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