#instameet Manchester

Incognito gift store in Manchester’s Northern Quarter are holding an event that if you use Instagram (fast beautiful,mobile photo sharing app for your Iphone) you should not miss out on!!

Four Instagram lovers have launched a picture competition under the theme of #oneoff and they need your Instagram submissions!

This is a great opportunity to possibly get your photograph printed (they will print as many as they can) and in the exhibition, with prizes for the winners, ‘Public choice’ most likes on Instagram and others.The launch night will be held on Leap day Feb 29th from 6pm.Hurry to register as places are limited.
Then the exhibition will last until 14TH March inside the Incognito gift store.
Please make sure photos are submitted by the 28TH of February and see the above website link for more information.

Instagram is one of my favourite apps that I use daily so combining my love for Instagram and bringing prints to life , I think is a great idea!
To submit,upload a photo to Instagram and tag it #oneoff and also if you haven’t already follow me on @polkadotflowers

opening hours for the store

 Mon – Sat 10am – 5.30pm, Sun 12pm – 4pm

I cant wait to see the exhibition!

Here are some of my photos from Instagram,now to decide which is the #oneoff!

I also came across the Instagram group for Manchester on FB ,so please go ahead and get liking!


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