Susie MacMurray Installation-Stratum

Currently there is a wonderful installation in the attic at Islington mill in Salford by Susie MacMurray. The experience of actually seeing it is much better than I can describe here.You will need to go down and see it.End of.

An engagement with materials is central to MacMurray’s practice. Her role is one of alchemist: combining material, form and context in deceptively simple ways to stimulate associations within the viewers’ minds and to elicit nuanced meanings.’

A site specific installation to celebrate 10 years of Islington Mill.
Launched on 16th June as part of Islington Mill’s 10 year anniversary, Susie MacMurray reinstalled her seminal work Stratum. Developed whilst she was in residence at Islington Mill as a graduate student in 2001, Stratum transformed the attic spaces of the building. 

If you would like to see the installation please contact Islington Mill to arrange access,the installation will continue throughout 2012.

Here are my images: 

The stairs leading to the attic…

The view to your right

 The view to your left

 The beautiful duck feathers

Feathers…more and more

At the time of me attending the installation was also a Salford University Networking event going on downstairs with a carnival theme.I got a few photographs of people engaging and networking…

Please keep your eyes peeled for future events at Islington Mill 
I am particularly excited for the Garden Party happening April 5th!I shall be taking photos then for sure.Details on the link below.

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