Black and White ,cupboard under the stairs and a badge

      So this experiment involved accidently snapping some of the film,getting in a under-the-stairs cupboard,using a badge and a biro to scratch and write things onto the film.I nearly jeopardised the whole thing by leaving the cupboard door open and popping open the back of the camera!!Its all fun though isn’t it??…

  I really like the fact that every time I go in Jessops these days they ask how I’ve done this to the film…I’m thinking about making a moving film next time I do one of my experiments and you can see the process for yourself.

I’ve recently been let off from my job and I had a thought the other day..if I had to choose what to spend my last £5 on it would be a roll of film and some chocolate of course!I didn’t quite realise how much I love film until now.
I’ve noticed I’ve also become quite attached to some images (even before there developed) on my film so I’ve been leaving them for a few weeks so I cant remember what’s there then I can deal with experimenting and they will all just be happy accidents.Problem solved.(Attached to film?)

So just to share this roll of film with you and inspire you that you can write on film and you can get in cupboards and you can blog about it to! Enjoy…

What I actually did to the film was..

1.Load and shoot the film
2.Take into cupboard ,write on with biro ,scratch with comb and use a badge to go mental on the film (not too mental,things will break)
3.Wind up film using spool,if you keep winding it will take up the film ,no instrument needed
4.Re put the film into the camera and shoot some more images
5.Beautiful you are done!Take to be developed 🙂

 I really enjoy the nonsense!Next project is lemon juice but this time I’ve taken the photos already, last time it was before I shot the film…lets hope I get my job seekers allowance soon and I can show you.

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