Events shenanigans art world!

There are a few things going on in the art world in/around Manchester that cannot be missed and I need to get them all down and in my diary before they slip through the sieve of my brain!

1.Francesca Woodman at the Guggenheim Museum 
This is just amazing!!Its not in Manchester but I hope I get to go!I just cannot believe how famous she is now after noticing her around 6 years ago and how much I feel connected to her R.I.P Francesca.This Exhibition is on from the 16th March till June 13th 2012

 Francesca Woodman, Polka Dots, Providence, Rhode Island,  1976

2.Roger Ballen photographic talk and master class with Red eye.This is important,if you don’t know about this you need to remove the bag from your head,you are blind to Art.


The Roger Ballen photographic Talk is happening Saturday 2pm 31st March and  Masterclass is April 1st £95 (this makes me sad I would bite my own arm off for this event!) If you want to fund me giz a shout 🙂

3.The garden party at Islington Mill!!
Facebook Invite yourself I cannot wait!
David Williams Exhibition launch and fundraiser Thursday the 5th April from 6pm
The garden at Islington Mill never ceases to amaze people as they happen across it totally unexpectedly. As well as being a critically acclaimed photographer, David Williams has single-handedly been responsible for all the beautiful plants that transform our courtyard into an urban oasis during the Summer months. Last Summer’s blooms form the subject matter for David’s photographs and will give you an idea of how stunning our garden can look. To keep the garden looking gorgeous we are hosting a garden party fundraiser to contribute to the further development and maintenance of the garden. 

Its going to be held at Islington Mill
I will be there pointing my camera in any which direction,flowers at night long shutter speeds..cant wait!

4.Video Jam at Antwerp Mansion

 ……………………………………CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS…………………………………..

Video Jam is an exciting new film and music event, inspired by the traditional use of live accompaniment to silent film. Back by popular demand, we are currently seeking short films for a new programme to be held at Antwerp Mansion on 22nd April. Each film will be accompanied live on the night by a musician or sound artist of our own selection.

Please send in your film by 8th APRIL for consideration to Shereen Perera at or call her on 07882389413. 3-8 mins in length is our general guideline. No content restrictions. The only rule is that the film must either be silent or that you are happy to have any existing sound removed. 

If you haven’t seen it already, MULE magazine did a brilliant write up of the first Video Jam event we held, back in January. Read it here:

Deadline for film submissions is 8th April, musicians register your interest now.

5.INSIDE Exhibition launch @Blank Media Thursday 29th March 6-9pm

Within the insular and atmospheric setting of BLANKSPACE gallery, Inside explores the psychological connections we form with our environment, placing the participant within a collection of works that disturb, envelop, and engage. All the works featured in this exhibition are united by themes of absence, loss, memory, fantasy and nostalgia, sparking the imagination and placing the participant both physically and mentally within the viewing space. 

6.Date for the diary!!The next Creative Exposures meet will be Thursday the 12th April 7pm and Chris Bethell will be the guest speaker. What a privilege.This makes me really happy.

and now there is a lovely new Tumblr in which we need submissions ,please get involved!!

7.Liverpool Art Fair is also calling for submissions!!

Showcasing a wide range of affordable original art by over fifty local artists, including a section of specially created work under £100, the Liverpool Art Fair will provide a unique insight into the region’s creative talent. Whether seasoned collector or first time art buyer, the fair will give everyone the opportunity to own their own piece of the Liverpool art world. (Sponsored by Camp and Furnace) 

8.Ive set myself a blog a day goal ,care to join me for this week?
Although ive just posted this first post at 3am!

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