ASC Creative Networking event @Dry bar ,manchester

I will be attending this event tomorrow  ,it looks great!

Dry Bar + Dry Live

28-30 Oldham Street (top end nearest to Picadilly Gardens) 


M1 1JN
The aim the  ‘Creative Career Club’ is to develop a close knit group of individuals who can provide advice, referrals and attend workshops.


CREATIVE individuals are being invited to join a new club with the aim of supporting their career and business development.

The Creative Career Club, which is being launched by masters events graduate Abigail Saffer, takes place from 6pm onwards (on a drop in basis until 11pm) on April 4th at Dry Bar, Oldham Street in Manchester.

The launch will feature guest speakers including:

Emily Morton: Managing Director of Make One Wish and Purple Cat Music (music industry networking); Sean Barber: Director of UNIsorted, a specialist student website launching on the 28th March; Helena Mercer: Editor of Bolton Bang, a volunteer group writing about local community news; Jennifer Coles: Managing Director at Jennifer Coles Ltd. Recently turned PR and Copywriting freelancer; Gemma Snelling: Recent graduate of Mancheater School of Art; Gary Armstrong: Professional training and coaching. Founder and CEO of Impetus Global Partners; Chris Horrocks: Employer Engagement and Marketing Manager at International Learning Centre, Manchester and Andy Graham: Performance, Communications and life coach.

Local Stockport band ‘Sister Ray’ will also be performing on the night.

Managing Director Abigail Saffer said: “It can be difficult for creative people to pinpoint where their skills are required, identify companies who could benefit from their services and steer their careers along their preferred route.

“One of the things our club will do is to help develop relationships between individuals with specialist knowledge in their fields. We will also offer support and guidance in becoming more business minded as well as connecting with companies who can use the services of our members.

“Additionally, people who are new to Manchester may have excellent experienc e, but lack working relationships in this location. We are also keen to assist students in their studies by providing a support network to help with assignments and final dissertations’

Ms Saffer grew up in Didsbury and has been working in administration and events since completing an MSC in Events at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2008.

With an interest in recruitment practices, she is keen to create alternative ways to find work and collaborate. 

She said: “In a tough job market you need to be resourceful as most of the jobs and partnerships available are not advertised. Many people feel daunted when it comes to networking and building relationships, and we are now here to offer an alternative to the traditional methods’.

Those who wish to attend should bring a CV if possible or a business card with a link to an online portfolio or CV.

After the launch the club will hold regular events, meetings and workshops. These will be tailored to individual needs. ASC Networking will also be promoting and organising networking events, launches and parties. Please get in touch at for more information about these services.

Better get my business cards out!


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