Manchester street style

Today I headed into Manchester city centre to network and find some people to photograph!I was intent on doing street style but really I picked out people because something about them caught my attention,something that made them interesting to me.
This post was in no way ment to be about what is in fashion at the moment it is just about style,personal style and what wearing certain things can show about your personality.
Everybody who I stopped and took photos of were really nice and pleasant to me and gave me a great confidence boost in approaching people and taking their photograph.Something in which I have only been able to do recently!
So a massive thanks to those who stopped and let me take their photo…you all had something interesting about you,great style!

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same” 
Coco Chanel

Below is a quote from one of my favourite books, Style like u 
by Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum

“Our time spent observing the creative link between one’s inner and outer voice has made it abundantly clear that personal style is an uplifting force that necessitates and excudes a deep sense of self-awareness”

This book is what inspired me to do this blog post,and i find people interesting so wanted to capture some of Manchester’s magic.
Here are today’s photos


Megan and Sian


The wonderful Thriftette store 


Natassia (beautiful name!)


 The Beautiful ladies who worked in pulp,photo above and below.



Adam and Lizzie
These girls are in a band called the Vaughans follow them on twitter!

Rory and friend

Charlotte and friend

Everyone looks a little scared or awkward in front of the camera,it adds something real to my photos,I personally really like all of them.I want to do it again!

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