Art Events Next few weeks…Diaries out!

In order of the dates soonest first there are a few art events coming up, with links that I am really excited to be involved 
with and talking about.

Get them in your diary!

21st April
Roll in a day/day in a roll
This is the beautiful project started on Flickr,what you do is take a roll of film take photos of your day and upload the results ‘duds n all’ to the flickr group. 

Video Jam #2
22ND April

Video Jam 2

The programme includes a really eclectic mix of silent films
submitted by both amateur and professional filmmakers, artists

 and animators. Each of these have been paired with a
musician/sound artist with the intention of providing an original 

soundtrack. What results is a ‘blind collaboration’ of sorts, the 

film maker and musician remaining anonymous to one another 

throughout the process.

Doors open @7 pm for 8pm start £2 on the door.
Antwerp Mansion in Fallowfield.

Photoshoot for MeandYu Afflecks!

I am excited to announce I am collaborating with MeandYu to do a photo shoot for there new collection.I am in need of a stylist/assistant and also girl and boy models so please get in touch if you want to get involved!

email me on

There are quite a few events,art shows and photography exibitions happening in Manchester…

May 9TH 
 3 picadilly place

Odyssey is a collaboration between Manchester based

photographic artists. 

The collective explores relationships between

environment, identity and memory through a playful, dreamlike

and creative eye.


odysseymanchester:  kellisarafoley: medium format test shoot

This is the work of Kelli Foley ,she is one of the photographers featured in the exhibition,I am personally excited about seeing this show.

May 7TH
The concealed Exhibition

We are a group of eleven Manchester Art School students currently in our second year of Photography- We are a bunch of fresh hopefuls hoping to crack into the photography scene. We have collaborated together to exhibit our work this coming May 7th-9th 2012 we will be showing our work which will be based around ‘The Reflection On the Unknown’ an open title which has allowed us to explore different methods and theories within our own fields of Photography ranging from documentary, film, fashion and various

other forms.

Rogue artists studios
Creative Exposures
10th May @Madlab 7pm start

So the last meet went really well with Chris Bethell doing a talk.The next event is planned with the group event link here: 
Also featuring on the RedEye website to(!): 
Jake Robinson will be doing a demonstration of developing film in E6 chemicals,something he calls the ‘real instagram’.
When the film is developed it produces slides with colour popping results.
There will be another speaker (revealed soon) and also a chance to talk and show work.
Jake’s Flickr:
20610004Ektachrome 64T cross processed, shot on 125 ASA by mistake
and finally ….

ASC Networking Event 16TH May

As well as providing freelance administration, event and conference assistant services, ASC Networking organises events with the aim of helping people to make new contacts, find work and receive expert advice.
Working with the creative industries in Manchester (initially), we are passionate about creating a supportive environment for people new to networking and business to mix with more experienced individuals.
We are currently in talks with other creative individuals and groups, discussing potential ways of developing stronger relationships within this industry.
I really do think this is beneficial if you are interested in gaining an arts job or experience or information in anything creative.Their will be another chance to network at Dry Bar in Manchester on 16th May.Bring your business cards!There will be a talk from Naomi Timperley and others discussing social media.
Best of all my favourite its FREE!
Hope to see you there Thanks for reading

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