My time in Paris was filled with queuing and more queuing!I really wanted to go off the beaten track and discover all the beautiful things I could without being told I had to see them first…but this time it had to be done!
What did I see,well I went to the see the obvious The  Louvre ,the Eiffel tower,arch de triumph,Amelie’s cafe an amazing cemetery,Notre Dame and many many others.
The most interesting events  happened in the first few days of Paris,an over friendly guy tried to help himself to my net-book and we lost the directions to the hotel as soon as we arrived.We then left the hotel room door ajar and thought we had lost a passport and a wallet all on the same day!(stressful! and foolish) The best part of Paris was taking in the beauty of all the buildings,tasting some of the best coffee,wines and food (ice cream!) I have ever tasted and enjoying the small detail of the extent that French people love to go in dressing there window boxes.
Going up the tower was a great experience but better still watching the first hour of the sparkling lights as the sun went down red wine in hand sharing a moment with the boyfriend (well it was Paris!)
I took many many photos, I walked around with two cameras around my neck and managed to take five rolls of film.Many of which are now currently sitting in lemon juice.
I didn’t manage to get away and discover Paris that much just through my eyes and ears but when I go back as well as another visit the tower again I will let my senses guide me…
What I learnt in Paris:

                             1. Macaroons are amazing
                             2.French people groom there dogs to perfection
                             3.Always lock your hotel room door
                             4.I need a window balcony
                             5.The stairs up the tower freak me out
                             6.Red wine is cheap in the supermarket
                             7.Wearing coloured tights gets you attention
                          8.Magenta road is a soul stealer
        9.Trust your instincts

10.A small elephant has been up the tower (that’s not reference to me!)

Here are a sample of photos from my 4 day trip,other photos to be scanned in as soon as i think they are ready,approx 10 days in lemon juice a week to dry.TOO excited.Enjoy….

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