Two photographic stories from VICE,must read

I came across this story on VICE today,not usually a magazine I find interesting to read but this article and the one to follow are inspiring!With beautiful photography to.

What do you do when all your friends start making babies?

This has definitely started happening to me,as happy as I am that my friends are having mini me’s ,it has the potential to make you feel lonely.or broody!The article appealed to me as this lady Jana Romanova used photography to document her friends having children.She has taken beautiful photographs of expectant couples sleeping,at an angle that makes you feel as if you are part of the bedroom.Here is Jana’s website and below is the link to read the full interview.

The whole project took three years to complete. I must have emailed about three hundred people in order to get convince those 40 couples to be photographed. And I needed to spend the night with them, so that made it even harder to be given access. As soon as I had a couple locked down, I’d go to their place and set up my ladder next to their bed with my camera on top. Then I’d go to sleep in another room, set up my alarm for 6AM and very silently climb the ladder and start taking pictures as the couples were sleeping. That would take about two hours.’

Also in Vice there is this interview with Emma McKay, a documentary photographer I met a few weeks ago at a Len Grant workshop in Manchester.(She took this photo of me,below)I think her timing is impeccable and has great skill at documenting with photography.Hits the feeling and emotion right on the head.

VICE :Did you grow up in British Suburbia ?
Emma for her end of year show in Stockport spent time with groups of teenagers aged between 14-17.Remembering those anxious times as being a teenager I think Emma has done an amazing job of capturing youth, being young and fearless,sharing the experiences we have all had.

Both these photographers throw me a composition I would never think of and stories I find interesting and beautiful.I hope you read them and enjoyed them as much as me!

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