Doug Dubois

Recently I have been finding documentary photography drawing me in and more inspiring then I had ever realised.I came across the work of Doug Dubois today.


Take a look as this work is beautiful,I particularly like the work named “Avella”.

There is such beauty in the composition and tones of the photographs.
It doesn’t seem to have the info on his website but the photos I was first drawn to are being exhibited in Cobh County Cork.From a project called ‘My last day at seventeen’

“Russell Heights is a housing estate of uncertain vintage that sits on Spy Hill overlooking the Cork Harbour on the Great Island in East Cork. The neighbourhood is insular: everyone seems to be someone’s family member, former girlfriend or spouse. Little can happen there that isn’t seen, discussed, often exaggerated and fiercely defended against any disapprobation from the outside.”
Doug made the series of photographs over four years.

I just want to take better photos with better stories to go with them…

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