LEAF arts Market-Liverpool

Back in July this year I applied to sell  my work at an arts stall with Capstan Bazaar.

I sent off my images and the application and forgot all about it,I apply for a lot of things now.You have to be a writer if your going to be a photographer or an artist with the amount of things you have to apply for.I originally heard about it from the arts job website.

Fast forward four months and Sunday was the day to set up my stall.This was at LEAF in Liverpool,this independent tea shop is creative and quirky.A great place to do my first ever stall.Now this is a massive accomplishment for me as its something I have always wanted to do.Having to get all my prints together and displaying them and hearing what people think about my work is really exciting.

I took a few photo’s of the day and my favourite stalls and chatted to the other stall holders.There was some really unique and interesting gifts for sale.
Off to Liverpool..

Leaf in all its glory…

My stall itself!

Reading for the quiet times..

Offerings from the other stalls.

Hand painted!

Ceramics from Alayna Ellis http://www.alaynaellis.co.uk/
Gifts made from ceramics,really unique

I met a lovely lady Noemie Lanos who makes gifts inspired by travel and her sketchbook was crammed full of ideas and textures.

Cant go to an independent tea shop and not have tea!Check out my table cloth.

My boyfriend who was a massive help to me ,drove me there and back and helped out all day.Such a nice guy.

I really enjoyed the experience of doing a stall and I will definitely be doing more,I want to print… don’t exactly know what but have lots of ideas to get making.

I have some prints and postcards if you are interested in buying ,email me 

Thanks for reading!

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