Reading another blog just made me do this post, I’m trying to have the mentality of just doing things sometimes instead of sitting there and thinking about it!
If my posts seem sporadic,they are,I only post material when I feel inspired to do so!

There’s things I am learning about creativity and how to fit it into life,its pretty damn hard.Its not like I can decide when I want to do work. I’ve realised that this can actually be acceptable.

I will pretty much leave every deadline to the last minute and I wont go to every event or read every blog post but that’s alright and I don’t think I need the pressure of telling myself what I should and shouldn’t be doing.Because I am doing something and I am being creative.

I read this blog post (link below) and I came to these conclusions through it,maybe you could read it to…

Here’s just a snippet but you must read the rest: 

‘1. I will no longer procrastinate. I will sit at my desk, fire up Final Draft and just write.

Bollocks. Procrastination is to writers, as breathing is to other more fortunate human beings (the ones that don’t feel compelled to write). Accept that it is part of your process and that whilst you’re googling cute cat videos, you are actually working. The reason you haven’t put your fingers on the keyboard and started to type is because you haven’t anything to type yet. What’s floating about the back of your brain is still making its journey to the front. You have to give it a chance. And you know what will put the pedal to the metal? A deadline. You might still be at your desk at 4am and hating yourself for pissing away days of crystal clear writing time but the next broken resolution will help with that…’

I’ve been working on some new self promotion as I’m always promoting everyone else-time to be selfish!

Here’s some recent photos for you and a link to my facebook page that I urge you to like if you do and then I can update you with my new project!

Also my next photography group IN camera Arts is January 31st at Madlab!

Thanks for the support!

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