Corinne Perry Interview


I love Corinne’s work and it fits in exactly with my blog theme , as she is so clearly inspired by Francesca Woodman so I wanted to do an interview to delve deeper into Corinne’ s work and what  inspires her.

My work is about...

My work is an exploration of self. It provides me an opportunity to produce something beautiful from inner pain.

I am working on.

My new series of work, Melancholia. It continues on from Misery and Delirium though it shows more of an acceptance/embrace of my emotional state. 

 I’m reading.

On photography by Susan Sontag.

 I love to….

Produce my photography, I love all aspects of it from taking the photo to printing in my home darkroom. 

 I’m listening to

The Yellow Wallpaper audiotape. I like to listen to it when planning and taking my photographs. 

I’m watching..

Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present ( I am fascinated by performance art)

I’m seeing….

In a sense I’m always seeing myself. My constant portrayal of self allows me to experience my emotions in not only a physical but also a deep and intimate way.

I’m looking forward to…

Starting MA Photography at Central Saint Martins.

 I get inspired by…

The work of Francesca Woodman and The Yellow Wallpaper, a novella byCharlotte Perkins Gilman

I am motivated by

It was my emotions that first motivated me to begin my photography. Since then I have had an ever growing obsession to produce my work. 

I’m relaxing by…

I tend to find hand colouring my work can be therapeutic. I also love to visit art galleries in search of inspiration. 

I’m dreaming of…

My next photograph. I have hazy visions of photographs I want to take. The ideas stay with me they are then planned meticulously until I take the actual photograph.







Thanks for reading.

Do it for Francesca

One thought on “Corinne Perry Interview

  1. This was a really interesting interview! Great to hear you’re starting the MA Photography at Central St Martins Corinne, that course ran alongside my MA in Art & Science. If you have any questions about how the programmes or units work, let me know! The Philosophy in Art lectures are definitely worth getting up for. 🙂

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