Artists in Manchester-support networks?

Recently after having a very hectic schedule and being involved with Fabricate collective from September to June with Redeye photographic network has had me wishing I had more time to work on personal projects.I spent a lot of time volunteering which hasn’t worked in my favour.

Well this wish for time has now been granted and I have job I like ,so I no longer spend energies winging about this or being upset and I only work for around 20-30 hours a week.Perfect time to focus on personal projects,networking and being productive!

If only if it was that straight forward.When they say struggling artist , they don’t just mean with time!

Hence lots of free time,Its the just the irony that I can spend all day looking at art ,thinking about work, making lists and don’t feel like I want to do any of this ‘making’ until about 10-11pm at night (every night) I suddenly get all inspired and wired and start coming up with lots of ideas and want to make loads of work.Last night was making a photo-zine and tonight is inspiring about an arts group even though I still run my own experimental photography group @incamera_arts.

This really isn’t going to work for me like this, I need a way to make work be happy and still feel motivated.

The main thing I realised is I am not on my own in this,the horrible thing is recently I have felt quite isolated and lonely and not been able to recognise if an idea is good or rubbish and I’ve been questioning who does?

It just got me thinking there must be more creative groups out there meeting up and discussing projects,ideas and be able to network.If there aren’t any then I want to jump on board and make one!We all cannot do this alone we need other creatives for resources and networks.

I put the question out there on twittter and facebook and only in a few hours I had some great responses

@FleurBlur Yes networking can help or I think just being around people generally is good. But then you need the motivation to do that.” (@snapthelens)

Daisy ‏@TosettiandSon1h @FleurBlur You’ll realise there are loads of us in the same boat and perhaps that’ll put a rocket up our asses!!”
KEN WARD ‏@KeninSpoons1h @FleurBlur Doesn’t isolation bring originality? Too many influences dull the mind?”
Andrew Tunney ‏@AndrewTunney18m@FleurBlur Surround yourself with people that are better than you.”
After looking on the net I did find this group, its going to be held at The Black Lion pub in Salford but I am not sure when exactly.Its called The open house gallery project.  OPENHOUSE… is an initiative to build a creative community of like-minded artists and thinkers… nurturing cross-cultural exchanges, developing platforms and ongoing dialogue between artists.
I also found the C-I-N-G network meet up for creatives
I think that I want to attend something in the middle, not to informal with positive creatives willing to meet up in an afternoon maybe to chat about work,ideas and inspirations.Get us all out of houses/studios/dens and into the real world of connections and inspirations and see what creative work comes out of this.
If anyone knows of creatives that already do this ,that don’t mind little old me coming along with my films in lemon juice then please drop me a tweet @fleurblur or an email
If anything it helps me discuss ideas, think more cohesively and surround myself with other creatives… who’s in?
Thanks for reading.



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