Carbooty art fair


Yesterday was my debut at the Carbooty in Ancoats (@carbootymcr) I turned up at 11am sharpish to set up my stall of postcards ,a few prints and some jewellery.

I’ve done something similar before with capstan bazaar so wanted to try selling different things based on what sold well last time.
I really enjoyed being part of the event ,it was so good to see people curious about my photographs and mu processes. I also met some really interesting people.
During the carbooty I had my portrait taken by @zuza_g on Instagram,please look at her gallery it’s beautiful!She takes portraits wherever she is.

Also a fellow stall holder @fotoknorr (twitter) has amazing photographs and described some of them as “pre-Instagram ” I really enjoyed this term and his work is beautiful to.Some of it reminded me of my own work.

One of the organisers in particular of the event, Tasha Whittle was really friendly and made me feel at ease (@colouringbox).
I first went to the carbooty event a few months ago @Islingtonmill and loved it so was waiting for a chance to pounce and get my own stall.So if you are interested to, keep an eye on the link below and you can do the same.

I’m still waiting for the delivery of my instax camera!I got the card from the post office to say I have to wait 60 hours for the collection,boo hoo.The film has arrived just itching to get going.
Soon as I get it il be taking photographs (need to go back to Littleborough for my #onesided project)
One thing I noticed about the area (1 primrose street) that Ancoats has some amazing red-brick Victorian buildings good for location shoots.
My next day off isn’t till Friday now and I’m attending this workshop Saturday with @redeyenetwork

I just know its going to be amazing!




Do it differently.Do it for Francesca

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