My instax has arrived!Update

I’m really happy as my Instax 100 camera arrived this morning and also my favourite oh comely magazine to Oh comely is really inspiring for when you are stuck for ideas and they really do make you smile.The photography is beautiful and its my ambition to get my work in this magazine.

My first Instax

Last sunday I went to see Frances Ha at the cornerhouse Manchester an amazing film about a 27 year old woman named Frances written by Greta Gerwig and directed by Noah Baumbach. (93% on rotten tomatoes)I loved that it was shot in black and white and that Greta plays the lead role of Frances.I really related to the film as a struggling creative and seeing how she finds her way in the world.There is an interview in Oh comely with Noah that I am yet to read.You should definitely go and see it if you get chance.

I’ve got a mentoring session with Mark Deverereux projects really soon (@MDP_info) to talk about my projects.He has an artist production organisation established to help increase profiles of early-career artists.I joined the membership scheme and really think it is worth while if you are an artist in need of some guidance.

I’m also off to London next week, I will be going to attend London Alternative collective with Melanie King ( @MelanieK__ )  and going to see the Lowry exhibition at Tate Britain,I’ve heard so many good things about the research they have done and paintings they have sourced for the exhibition I am really excited to see it.

I need to check what other things I would like to see whilst I’m in London.

You must remember to pop down the Whitworth this weekend for the Whitworth week-ending.There is lots going on and its all really exciting before the closure in September.Ive heard they pulled out the best works from the collection so make sure you see them before they close for 9 months!

Thanks for reading.Do it for Francesca.


2 thoughts on “My instax has arrived!Update

  1. I love my Instax, a bit finicky at times but a joy to use for candid stuff. If you want decently priced Instax with quick shipping go to :).

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