Assisting Kenyon Hall farm Warrington


I assited on an editorial shoot on Friday with photographer Emma Pilkington.The theme was new breed and so we ended up in warrington at a fresh produce farm with an actual pumpkin field.I ended up taking a few instax shots whilst I was there.

Instax is so lovely to use and I really like the quality of the photographs.It really was spontaneous helping out at the shoot,Emma put on facebook that she needed an assistant and it happened to be my day off.I got a lot out of the shoot and I met some really nice models and stylists.When everyone is in it together doing it for free it makes it so much better.

I am starting to gain more confidence in the way i take photographs and the ideas I generate and realise I am very creative and value my own work.Carrying around postcards of my work has really helped and during conversations I have been able to show people.

I am off now for 4 whole days,so I am going to Alton towers and off to London for the London Alternative photography collective who knows who I will meet here!

i am dying to make a zine but dont have the right equipment eg a decent laptop and in design to put it all together.If you are a designer or have access to these things and want to create an alternative photography zine ,get in touch!I need to share images and get my work shown to a wider audience so tweet/email/holla if you think you want to be part of it.I will get my head around it and start self publishing.

Thanks for reading!Do it for Francesca.

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