Updates -September

What have I been up to,I’ve been doing quite a lot!

Since the last post I’ve been to the Chinese arts centre to see Wu Chi-Tsungs exhibition (on until Oct 12th) and attend his amazing cynotype workshop.I found it so helpful as his themes and ideas are beautiful in his work.He likes to slow everything down and look inwardly and that we participate in  another world-the internet.He was very interested in my own work of damaging films and told me keep experimenting.


The very next day I went to the final day of the Whitworth week-ending and went to see their exhibitions with their umbrellas in the trees!


The Tuesday I met up with my mentor Mark Devereux http://markdevereuxprojects.com/  and he helped me really focus my aims of my current project and what I will do.He gave me such confidence on my ideas and my development I really recommend him if you are an early career artist.

I went to Alton towers on the Wednesday and then went to London for the  London Alternative collective Thursday http://londonalternativephotography.wordpress.com/ where I talked about my own work and met some amazing artists who work with alternative processes.I also came across the work of Susan Dergess who subsequently recommended by Mark in my meeting!I also popped by Tate Britain to see the Lowry exhibition.

Above salt prints by Sarah Evan-Jones

I’ve been taking lots of instant photos with my Instax ,Ive been scanning them into Flickr and I entered some into the Snap it and see theme of My town.


This week I’ve since been to meet book artist Michelle Shields at her studio,she has really inspired me and given me guidance on what to do with my artists book for this current project I’m doing.Now to save up for the printer.


Kind of off tangent but still very creative I squeezed in a sewing workshop last night with junk shop that was amazing and I learnt to alter some clothes and made a cute bow, which I am now wearing in my hair!There’s a few more free workshops happening so make sure you get a space.



Talking of my current project I went to Hollingworth lake today and took some photos,I got this book about the lake and its history and met a man who potentially taught my father at school!Its all about Hollingworth lake and showing my connection to it.

So I have been very busy over the last few weeks!I’ve purchased some HP5 black and white film and cannot wait to get using it. I’m also thinking I will teach myself black and white development. I’ve signed up for this film Swappa challenge and my film swap partner is in Hong Kong.


I’m looking forward to the upcoming MA Degree shows and also the opening of this at the Cornerhouse October 3rd 


Do it for Francesca

Thanks for reading.





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