Intention meeting chance

Its a few months ago when I had this idea for a project,I was taking photographs and doing my damaging techniques and kept seeing the same photographs popping up when I developed my rolls of film.I decided to put on twitter and ask if anyone would be interested in sending me a roll of film to damage with my techniques.Then I had no control at all and there was no way I could have the same photos.

I did do various different damaging methods and in the end I got six rolls of film sent to me. That’s the power of the internet, you can ask for film to be sent to you and it happens. Six people I hardly knew.

Here are some of the best photos from the collaboration.All of them are on Flickr.

Below are Megans photos, I just absolutely love the way they came out and Ill tell you the secret was silica gel.







Thanks for reading.Do it for Francesca.


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