‘Lady of the Lake’

As many of you will know who read this blog I am currently working on a project about Hollingworth lake in Littleborough. The reason behind this is I used to drive past the lake on the way to Todmorden (my boyfriends parents live there) I used to feel connected to the lake somehow ,like i knew the place or had been before.As a coincidence around the time of looking into the lake I found out my real father (who I’ve never met ) was from this area.It also turns out his parents , my grandparents grew up in the area and were married here. Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know their names.

My official name should be Jennifer Barlow not Brookes and this will be the surname of my relatives.

I’ve recently had my story in the Rochdale Observer paper after Sam Richardson got in touch.

The story reads:

Artist Jennifer hopes to bring family ties to book


An aspiring artist is putting together a book which she hopes will help her feel closer to her family.Jennifer Brookes says she has always felt a connection to Hollingworth Lake and has never known why.

But after researching her family tree,the 27 year from Manchester, discovered she has close ties to the area.

Jennifer who works as a service assistant at the Lowry art gallery ,said ‘I would drive past the lake and always feel there was something special about it- it was almost like I had a connection with that area.’It was really weird. I only know one side of my family.

‘So I decided to do some digging and see what I could find out about my dads side.’It turns out my dad and grandparents were born and married there’

Jennifers parents split up when she was very young so she has never known her father.But finding about her dad has prompted her to put together a book about the Littleborough beauty spot.She said: ‘I am putting together a collection of art work and photographs that I hope to one day turn into a book.

‘It would be great if I could engage more people with my project- I want them to get in touch and share any memories or stories that they may have about Hollingworth Lake.’I want to gather as much as I can for the book’

To contact Jennifer email Jenniferbrookes86@hotmail.com


So this is what has happened recently, I’ve been working lots this week so projects are on hold for a little while as I am saving for my holiday in two weeks.I am off to Lisbon in Portugal.I currently have two casual jobs and it works pretty well for doing my art work and having time off.Just not so great for an actual holiday! 

I will be going to the Manchester Contemporary and also really excited for Rogue open studios on Friday. http://www.rogueartistsstudios.co.uk

Thanks so much for reading! Do it for Francesca


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