updates-MORE photo

Thanks so much for reading following or just looking at my blog.My photography group MORE photo have a new project coming up and I am really excited to tell you about it and how you can get involved.To start with here is the initial facebook page:


morePHOTO is a contemporary photography organisation dedicated to bridging the gap between the formal and informal. Open to all, we host monthly group critique sessions (moreCRIT) as well as relaxed gallery visits and networking sessions across the city of Manchester (moreSOCIAL). morePHOTO will establish new networks across various creative professions, collaborating with writers, graphic designers and other artists to create new opportunities.

The morePHOTO team is made up of:

– Christopher Bethell
– Jennifer Brookes
– Bekky Lonsdale
– Francesco Loporchio
– Emma Mckay
– Vanessa Peterson


We have recently launched an event called a more CRIT ,Pomona, a project .


Pomona is an Edgelands area of Manchester & Salford. Situated on the fringes of the cities, it is now a wasteland that plays host to a community of graffiti artists and rare wildlife. Now owned by Peel, whom wish to develop the area into apartments, there is an argument surrounding the it’s future – there is a current fight to declare Pomona into an area of ecological importance.

We are going down to Pomona on the 10th of July to have a tour from Hayley Flynn of skyliner blog and then from then we can discuss as a group a possible proect you would like to do with Pomona as a starting reference.This will then hopefully become an exhibition with a guest curator further down the line.


It will be a fantastic project and great to document before eventually it is built upon.Please follow the links for more information.


Do it differently.


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